středa 23. března 2016

5 most authentic fragrances Yankee Candle has made

 NO. 1: BAY BREEZE:                   Bay Breeze is described as „salty crispness of clean ocean air“.                 I agree with this description. This candle smells just like clean ocean air, I think this is the most authentic fragrance from Yankee I have ever smelt. It smells just like the first breathe at the seaside. It smells just like ocean air, or ocean water, it's not masculine or musky, heavy or powdery, it just reminds you of the clean, moist ocean air or ocean water. I don't need any tickets with this fragrance! If I want to smell the ocean, I just put the lid off and smell it. Love it!!!

 NO. 2: GREEN GRASS:                                  
Green Grass is described as „heady scent of freshly cut lawn“. And I must admin, that this fragrance smells just like summertime or springtime. It's so fresh, clean but it's got that green scent of green summer fields. I think there're some hints of dirt, too. It's a wonderful candle, which reminds you of the childood spend on the fields.
  NO. 3: EVENING AIR:                                  
Evening Air is described as „the crisp breeze of a fall night warmed with notes of clove, geranium, basil, cedarwood and musk“. I've got 4 jars of this fragrance because it's one of my favorites and it's been retired. It's got an incredible aroma of rain water and ozone. It's so natural. Some people find this fragrance masculine, but I don't. It smells just like the air after a stormy night, the grass is wet and the air is so moist and clean. Love it so much. It's like... the night has been stormy and cool, but then in the misty, cloudy morning you get outside and you smell the foggy air, this is what you get with this candle. It couldn't be more natural!

NO. 3: OVER THE RIVER               (RIVER VALLEY):
This fragrance is another airy scent. It's so wonderful, the wax color is like blue and the label shows woods. The fragrance is amazing as well. It's like strolling along the river, on a cool september day. The summer hasn't ended, and the autumn hasn't started. It's like a transformation between summer and autumn. The fragrance itself, is like a cool, watery scent with green notes, but it has got some woodsy amber note to it as well, it's really nice. It just reminds me of my childhood walks by the river. It's so true–to life. I love it! Over the River has been retired.
Silver Birch is another autumn scent. It's like walking through the forest on a october day. The sun is still shining and the leaves are falling down. The birds sing and you can hear the water from the river. This scent is an airy blend of some pine, ozonic, watery and wood. It smells just like walking through the forest, I love it.            

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