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Yankee Candle April Showers Review

Hi everyone!
After a very long time, I'm writing a review on April Showers™ by Yankee Candle.

First of all, I will tell you that this fragrance was released as a new spring fragrance for USA in early 2016. It was available in Europe for a while later as well only in large jars. I had been considering buying this candle for a very long time. Although this fragrance is not available in Europe anymore, you could try Outlet stores or ebay, where you can find deerfield or EU labels. Personally, before I bought my jar, I had wanted a Deerfield label, but it would be too expensive. I got EU label together with Line–Dried Cotton.
Although fragrance notes are available on the USA site, they're not complete.

Fragrance notes 
Top: lemon zest, apple, citrus and spices.
Middle: lemon leaf, melon, tuberose, cotton blossom, orange flower and ylang ylang petals.
Bottom: vanilla, amber, sandalwood and musk.
Fragrance family: fresh
Availability: USA, Europe – Special Appearance
Official rating: 4.5/5
My rating: 4/5
Description: A very clean, spring scent of rain in a citrus orchard–close your eyes and breathe in the freshness, crisp, bright lemon softened with vanilla—as clean and fresh as an April shower.

When I sniffed this fragrance a while ago, honestly I was not completely sure about the scent. I thought it smelled like apple peel (I found it very similar to Granny Smith). Like 5 months later, I had decided to buy it. I bought it. It has grown on me a lot. I definitely get the apple peel note, but it really smells like a gentle spring rain. It's got that rain feeling, but it's not ozone-y at all. If there was added ozone into it, I think it would be a common fresh fragrance. But without ozone, it's got that airy–rainy fragrance, which you can smell when you open windows during a spring evening. I love it! It's definitely a spring scent. I don't know the throw, but It seems to be a medium throw. It smells strong on the cold sniff. I don't get any citrus notes though. There could be an apple insted the citrus on the picture. But I know what Yankee wanted to catch.
I hadn't smelt any scent like April Showers™ in a candle before.
It's perfect!

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