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Yankee Candle Water Garden Review

Hello guys after such a long time! Today I'm gonna be reviewing Water Garden by YC. It was originally released in 2008 together with Beach Walk. It used to have a different label. Some people think the old label version had a different scent, but the rereleased Water Garden with the new label has the same scent as the Water Garden with the old label. There is just one Water Garden scent. They  have changed the wax colour as well.
Fragrance notes:
The top notes: watery, lush green, ozone
The middle notes: sweet melon, water lily, lotus blossom, lily of the valley
The bottom base notes: sandalwood, soft musk, willows

Fragrance family: Fresh
Similar fragrances: Aloe Water, Meadow Showers, Wild Sea Grass

Availability: Retired
My rating:  4/5
Scent throw: 9/10
Description: Soothing reflections... pretty water flowers and lush green notes with hints of melon and musk.

Water Garden is a beautiful scent. It's a light scent with a really strong throw. It's soft, you can really smell the watery wet green notes in it together with a slight floral notes and musk. It's a bit like a ladies perfume. The throw is really good. Imagine being by a large garden pond full of water lilies. You can smell the cool breeze. It's now available as a special appearance in Europe, so it's easy to get. This scent is a mix of floral and fresh fragrances. It's more fresh than floral. But you can really smell the flowers. It smells like Aloe Water and Meadow Showers had a baby with a floral twist to it. It has some fruity notes as well... I get aloe, melon, maybe a little bit of cucumber. And a clean laundry scent to it. Edit: I've been burning it for about five days and now it smells just like rain and water. It's soft and pure. I love it! Really really natural.
Talk to you soon!

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