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Yankee Candle Bay Breeze Review

Hello again!
I haven't had a lot of time now so I couldn't write any review for you.

I'm gonna review one very rare and wonderful fragrance. It's Bay Breeze. I always wanted to have this candle all along. This fragrance was released on the beginnings of Yankee Candle. It was retired a couple of years ago. But Yankee usually brings this scent as a treasure. You can buy it in the USA in outlets. I think it was a very popular scent. I bought it on ebay, so you may check ebay if you want it.

Fragrance notes: 
Top notes: ozone, and bergamot notes.
Middle notes: floral notes.
Bottom notes: musky notes.

Fragrance family: fresh
Availlability: USA - retired/USA - Outlets
Released: ???
Official rating: ???
My rating: 5/5
Description: All the cool, crispness of clean ocean air blowing across your face.

This fragrance smells like the ocean air and the sea water. Absolutely. It's the most authentic scent I have had. It smells like seaweed, fish, its ozone, but not musky as many of YC's ocean scents are. It's my most favourite scent so far.

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