pátek 4. září 2015

Yankee Candle Blue Summer Sky Review

I'm reviewing another candle for you after a long time!

Blue Summer Sky

It is gonna be a fragrance from the USA Spring Collection 2015. It's Blue Summer Sky. It has been released as a special appearance for some European countries. It hasn't arrived to the UK yet. You can buy it in some European countries, in the USA and in the UK as well later. But you may check ebay.

Fragrance notes:
Top notes: summer berries, saffron & fresh ginger
Middle notes: blue lotus, jasmine & orange blossom
Base notes (the strongest): amber, cedarwood & patchouli

Fragrance family: fresh
Availability: USA/Europe - Speacial Appearance
Official rating: 4.3/5
My rating: 5/5
Description: Let the sunshine in. Nothing seems as perfect as a big, bright and beautiful blue sky on a summer afternoon. The air always seems cleaner; the earth more fragrant. This bright fragrance captures all the glory of a heavenly summer day with the crisp, clean scent of summer berries and fresh ginger, enhanced with notes of jasmine, orange blossom and blue lotus.

Well, I bought two large jars because I loved the descruption, the fragrance notes and the beautiful label. This fragrance reminds me of my childhood a lot. It is a sweet, airy fragrance with a watery note to it. It's beautiful. It hasn't got that strong floral note to it, it is slightly floral. It smells so nostalgic and relaxing. I honestly can't smell any ginger, but it smells like jasmine. It seems that this fragrance will have a medium throw.

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