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Yankee Candle Beach Vacation Review

Hello after a long time!
Today I'm going to be reviewing one of my most favourites fragrances - Beach Vacation.

Beach Vacation. This candle looks so beautiful! The wax is dark-blue coloured (with tones of purple) and the label shows a wonderful caribbean beach with a colourful sun lounger. This scent has been retired, it was released as a summer new for 2010. This scent was so popular - but a lot of people says that the newer pour dates don't throw at all. I can't say if it has a strong throw - because I haven't burned mine (2015)
Fragrance notes: 
Top notes: iced mint, pomelo.
Middle notes: snowdrops, winter rose, vanilla cream.
Bottom notes: musky accord.

Fragrance family: fresh
Availability: USA - retired/Europe -
Official rating: 3.8/5
My rating: 4.8/5
Description: A tropical island getaway.., a fresh sea breeze mingles with lush greenery and sweet exotic flowers.

Well, this scent is just gorgeous. It's very strong on a cold sniff and it has a wonderful, tropical aroma. Although it hasn't got any notes of coconut, I get a little bit of coconut in it, with salt water, and salt sea air with some very nice floral and fruity notes. If you like Black Coconut, I think, you'd love this scent. It's got some note of suntan lotion as well.  

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