úterý 23. února 2016

Yankee Candle Napa Valley Sun Review

Napa Valley Sun. The label says it all: morning sunrise with sunlight spilling all the way through. This scent was a part of the Wine Collection which was released in 2010 including Grapevine & Oak, Vineyard and this Napa Valley Sun. I've always wanted to try this fragrance but I wasn't sure on it because it's listed as a fruity fragrance and I really dislike all fruity scents. There is no fruity fragrance I like. This scent was so popular and unfortunately, it has been retired.

Fragrance notes:
The top notes: ozone and fresh cream.
The middle notes: musk, rose and jasmine.
The bottom base notes: vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood.

Fragrance family: Fruit (very weird, I think it should be listed as Fresh)
Availability: USA - retired/Europe - Retired
Official rating: 4.7/5
My rating:  5/5
Description: Fragrant rays of a golden, powdery amber with a vanilla flower finish.

I've always wanted to smell this fragrance. I just love the label and the name... it looks amazing, doesn't it? Well I got this candle today and my first reaction on this candle was like 'Oh my god I've smelt this fragrance before' lol. Yeah, this scent is pretty familiar and I think that's the reason why people like this fragrance. This fragrance is an incredible combination of fresh, morning air, sunrays or glow... it really smells like early morning. And then it has got a wonderful vanilla notes to it as well, it's little bit musky. 

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