čtvrtek 23. července 2015

Yankee Candle Drift Away Review

Hello again!
It's time to review another candle. It's going to be one very rare scent - it's Drift Away.

Well, I wanted to try this scent all along! As I wrote I love all natural, watery and airy scents. Drift Away was released as a new fragrance for Spring 2010. Yes, it's definitely a spring scent. This fragrance is as always retired. They do that always. I bought this fragrance over here but as always, you may try ebay uk.

I have got some fragrance notes, but they aren't full:
The top notes: ozone, fresh greenery.
The middle notes:sea salt, white lilac, white lily.
The bottom base notes: woodsy notes, floral notes, moss.

Fragrance family: fresh
Availability: USA - retired/Europe - retired
Official rating: 5/5
My rating: 4.5/5
Description: Cares float away on peaceful, blue waters surrounded by lush woodlands.


I'm glad I bought this medium jar. It's a very relaxing scent, I'd say it's airy watery scent with some flowers. Yes, I definitely smell floral notes. I didn't expect that this scent will be floral. It slightly reminds me of Garden Sweet Pea. But I can definitely smell blue crystal waters surrounded by lush woodlands. That's it! Woodlands and flowers with fresh air by the big blue lake. I love this candle. I think anybody who likes watery fresh fragrances would fall in love with this.
I haven't burnt this candle because it's too rare to burn it.
But I'm expecting a medium throw.

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