středa 22. července 2015

Yankee Candle Sea Coral Review

Hello everyone.
Today I'm posting second review.

I'm reviewing Sea Coral today, because I think Ocean Star and Sea Coral look gorgerous together!
I bought this fragrance over there, but unfortunately, this fragrance has been retired. If you want to buy a large jar, you may try or It was released as a new for Summer 2014 in USA. It was released last year as a Speacial Appearance for a very short time in UK as well. It is definitely a summer fragrance!

I've got the fragrance notes:
The top notes: ozone, lemon zest, juicy apple, dewy greens and cinnamon leaf.
The middle notes: pine needle, hyacinth, ginger lily, lavender and pear
The base bottom notes: golden amber, vetiver, soft musk, patchouli and sandalwood

Fragrance family: fresh
Availability: USA - retired/Europe - Speacial Appearance
Official rating: 4/5
My rating: 4.9/5
Description: Like gliding around a tropical reef, this unique watery fresh fragrance surrounds you in the soothing warmth of sea musk.


This fragrance is my most favourite so far. I think it's very hard to describe! But I can smell sea water (really, pure sea water), some wet fruit and spicy, tree notes. It's a very musky scent! So if you don't like any musky and powdery scents, don't buy it because it's a kind of musky scents. But I love it. It's sweet and salty at the same momment. You can actually smell cinnamon. Through the spicy, fruity and musky notes it really reminds me of sea. I don't know why. But it isn't a cologny type of scent, so if you don't like these masculine fragrances, buy it. I think it's a unisex fragrance. I love it!
And for info, I've got 4 large jars and I burnt one and it throws very well! One of the most strong fragrances I've tried.

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