středa 22. července 2015

Yankee Candle Oceanside Review

Hi everyone,
Today I'm reviewing another scent!

It's going to be Oceanside.
I bought this fragrance in Italy. It's still available in Europe and in the USA This fragrance was very rare and hard to find till this year. It wasn't released in Europe before. It was a new for USA Summer 2012 and it was retired in 2013. I really love this fragrance.

I found the fragrance notes:
The top notes: bergamot and nutmeg
The middle notes: cyclamen, ylang and grapefruit
The bottom base notes: cedarwood, musk and vanilla

Fragrance family: Fresh
Availability: USA - retired/Europe - Special Appearance
Official rating: 4.8/5
My rating:  4.6/5
Description: A quiet day at the beach... the warm, musky scent of calm sea air with touches of citrusy sunshine.

Well, this fragrance is in my favourites. It's a complex fragrance, and it is very musky and parfumy smell. I can smell citrus, vanilla, nuts and nutmeg. It's a beachy fragrance. It's an unusual fragrance. It isn't a faky smell, it's a very real fragrance. I really recommend this fragrance as it is released around the world! I haven't burnt it but it seems that it will be a lighter fragrance.

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